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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Must I be a resident of New Jersey to take part in the New Jersey Free Access?
Yes, you must reside in New Jersey to create a free account(s).
Can I create more than one DimensionU account?
Absolutely! Simply complete the registration form for each account you need. You will need to verify your email each time (regardless of whether you use the same email address.)
As a parent/guardian, can I create an account to play with my child?
Of course! Complete the registration form to create your account.
Which DimensionU games will my free account allow me to play?
Your free access will allow entry into all three DimensionU games: Towerstorm, Meltdown, and Velocity.
How long is my DimensionU account valid for?
Free accounts are valid through December 31, 2020.
Is DimensionU web and mobile friendly?
We sure are! Visit us at www.dimensionu.com in your web browser or download our apps directly from your iOS, Android or Amazon device app store. For more information about our system and technical specifications, click here.
Do you have any tutorials to help with gameplay?
Each of our games offer a built-in help tutorial which can be accessed in-game by pressing the question mark key on your keyboard. For additional help, check out our YouTube page.
Why do you ask for a grade level when creating a free account?
DimensionU may run grade-level specific competitions in the future and this information helps us better communicate our offerings.
Who should I contact with questions?
Email us at support@dimensionu.com.